Membership is proposed that initially all the under graduate (UG) students of the departments be considered as the members of MES FORUM. Later on some additional guidelines about membership may be framed it the need arises.

Initially no membership fee will be charged from the members of MES FORUM. Later on nominal membership fee may be taken it circumstances desire so and separate bank account can be opened to manage the funds. In the beginning the activities and meetings will be arranged using nominal monetary contribution of the participants/members in the form of registration fee (it is requisite for particular activity) or department may sponsor the same or sponsorships may be arranged from Industrial commercial/govt. and non govt. organizations. The coordinator will make
proposal in consultation with the organizing secretaries and finance secretaries for budget of a particular activity and get it approved from the Head of department/ Director through Chairman and General Secretaries. The finance secretaries will keep and maintain the record of inance related to the MES and get it audited once in a year by committee framed by Head of department Director. The purchase and expenditure will be done as per the institutional rules and regulations.